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Dragon Crypto Gaming

Avalanche AMA:Dragon Crypto Gaming 活動資訊 & 內容

Host:我們的 AMA 正式開始!今天我們很榮幸邀請到 Dragon Crypto Gaming 的 Neothon 和 Geln,請先幫我們社群用戶做個簡單的自我介紹吧!

The AMA begins now. We are honored to have Neothon and Glen with us. Would you please make a brief introduction of yourself?

Hi! I’m Neothon. I have over 15 years experience in software development, half of which I spent running successful e-commerce ventures. At Dragon Crypto Gaming, I am involved in both frontend and backend development and have built many of our UI/UX elements and game features. 

Neothon:你好! 我是 Neothon。我在軟體開發方面擁有超過 15 年的經驗,一半的經驗是運營成功的電子商務企業。 在 Dragon Crypto Gaming,我參與了前端和後端開發,並構建了我們的許多 UI/UX 元素和遊戲功能。

Hi everyone, I’m Glen. I worked as a corporate lawyer for several years before entering the Web3 space. I handle all aspects of business operations and legal matters at Dragon Crypto Gaming.

Glen:大家好,我是 Glen。 在進入 Web3 領域之前,我曾擔任公司的律師多年。 我在 Dragon Crypto Gaming 處理業務運營和法律事務。


Q1:您如何跟現場的大家介紹 Dragon Crypto Gaming?它的願景是什麼,解決了問題與挑戰?

How would you best describe Dragon Crypto Gaming?What’s its vision and which challenges does it address?

Glen:As gamers at heart, our team’s main goal is to offer a fun and fulfilling gaming experience on the blockchain.At present many blockchain games offer little true game play. We really want to have depth to our games and show what web3 gaming can truly be. We believe we are  pushing the boundaries of blockchain gaming by leveraging the global reach and potential of DeFi. 

Dragon Crypto Gaming currently has two game products:

The Legend of Aurum Draconis is a medieval, retro RPG adventure on the blockchain, it’s nostalgic, passionately made and (we think) insanely fun. You can:

  • Go on exciting, story-driven quests and defeat hordes of enemies of increasing difficulty to obtain valuable loot and crafting resources.
  • Gain experience and customize your Heroes’ stats and skills via combat or crafting!
  • Craft and choose your favorite combinations of equipment from a vast range of powerful equipment and items.

All items in the game are NFTs and can be traded in the player-driven in-game marketplace.

Tiny Dragons Arena is a casual, player-versus-player minigame based on our NFT series, Tiny Dragons. Tiny Dragon owners can level up their TIny Dragons, boost stats and take Tiny Dragons into battle. They can enter the tournament and compete in prize leagues for a chance to win attractive rewards.

Over 1000+ arena battles have been fought since the release of Tiny Dragons in Q4 ‘21.

In the near future, there will be improved gaming mechanics where users can choose Tiny Dragons tactics for battle. In addition to Tiny Dragons Arena, upcoming features will allow you to combine your Tiny Dragons’ DNA to create rare and powerful offspring, and send your Tiny Dragons on adventures to collect valuable loot.

Glen:作為遊戲玩家,我們團隊的主要目標是在區塊鏈上提供有趣又充實的遊戲體驗。目前許多區塊鏈遊戲幾乎沒有提供真正的遊戲玩法。 我們很想深入我們的遊戲,並展示 Web3 遊戲的真正含義。 我們相信,通過利用 DeFi 的全球影響力和潛力能突破區塊鏈遊戲的界限。

Dragon Crypto Gaming 目前有兩款遊戲產品:

The Legend of Aurum Draconis

The Legend of Aurum Draconis 是一款中世紀復古的區塊鏈 RPG 冒險遊戲,它充滿懷舊和激情,並且(我們認為)非常有趣。 你可以:

  • 體驗遊戲的興奮感,和故事驅動的任務,並擊敗難度越來越大的敵人們,以獲得寶貴的戰利品和製作資源。
  • 通過戰鬥或製作獲得經驗,並自定義英雄的數值和技能!
  • 從各種強大的設備和物品中製作,並選擇您最喜歡的設備組合。

遊戲中的所有物品都是 NFT,可以在玩家驅動的遊戲市場中進行交易。

Tiny Dragons

Tiny Dragons Arena 是一款休閒對戰迷你遊戲,基於 NFT 系列 Tiny Dragons。 小龍持有者,可以升級他們的小龍,提升數值並將小龍帶入戰鬥。他們可以參加錦標賽、有獎聯賽,以獲取贏得豐厚獎勵的機會。

自 2021 年第 4 季度發布 Tiny Dragons 以來,已經進行了超過 1,000 場競技戰鬥。

近期將會改進遊戲機制,用戶可以選擇小龍的戰術進行戰鬥。 除了小龍競技場,將允許玩家結合小龍的 DNA 來創造既稀有又強大的後代,並能讓小龍去冒險,以收集寶貴的戰利品。

Q2:大部分 P2E 遊戲都面臨了代幣通膨問題,你們對這個狀況有什麼解決方法?

Most P2E Games have inflation issues.  What’s your solution to this situation?

Neothon:Both of our tokens (DCAU and DCAR) have a relatively low maximum supply and are expected to become deflationary through in-game burning mechanisms. 

DCAR (Dragon Crypto Argenti) has a maximum supply of 40,000,000 with low and controlled emissions. 

In The Legend of Aurum Draconis, DCAR, is the game’s crafting, land ownership and revenue sharing token. Anything with crafting will use DCAR to make equipment, paying for others to repair your equipment, etc. This token will be stakable and through a revenue sharing model be able to earn platform revenues for a user in the form of DCAU and DCAR rewards. DCAR will also be the foundation of our land management system which will come out in the future. 

Tiny Dragons Arena will also have a league with an entry fee paid in $DCAR. Additionally, DCAR will be the gas token of our upcoming Avalanche subnet. 

DCAU (Dragon Crypto Aurum) has a maximum supply of 155,000 and has been fully emitted. In the Legend of Aurum Draconis, $DCAU is required to purchase Dragon Crypto Hero NFTs as well as to perform certain essential in-game actions such as healing and resting to recover your turns.

Neothon:我們的兩種代幣(DCAU 和 DCAR)的最大供應量都相對較低,預計會通過遊戲內銷毀機制使通貨緊縮。

DCAR(Dragon Crypto Argenti)的最大供應量為 40,000,000,釋放量低且受控。

The Legend of Aurum Draconis 中,DCAR 是用於遊戲中製作、土地所有權和收益分享的代幣。任何具有手工藝的東西都將使用 DCAR 製造設備,支付他人維修設備等費用。該代幣將是可質押的,並通過收益分享模式,以 DCAU 和 DCAR 獎勵的形式,作為用戶在平台賺取的收入。 DCAR 也將成為我們未來推出的土地管理系統的基礎。

Tiny Dragons Arena 也將有一個以 $DCAR 支付入場費的聯賽。 此外,DCAR 將成為我們即將推出的 Avalanche 子網的 gas 代幣。

DCAU(Dragon Crypto Aurum)最大供應量為 155,000,已全部釋放完畢。 在 Legend of Aurum Draconis 中,需要 $DCAU 才能購買 Dragon Crypto Hero NFT 以及執行某些基本的遊戲內操作,例如治療和休息以恢復你的遊戲回合。


Do you have any strategy to attract someone who is unfamiliar with digital assets to play this game?

We have a YouTube channel where we produce detailed video guides to help onboard new users, including those who are unfamiliar with crypto and DeFi/web3. Our marketing team is also looking at strategies to attract traditional gamers to play our games. 

Do reach out if you have any ideas on how we can better appeal to people outside the DeFi space! 🙂

我們有一個 YouTube 頻道,我們會在其中製作詳細的影片指南,以幫助新用戶,包括那些不熟悉加密貨幣和 DeFi / Web3 的用戶。 我們的營銷團隊也在研究吸引傳統遊戲玩家玩我們遊戲的策略。

如果您對我們如何更好地吸引 DeFi 領域以外的人有任何想法,請聯繫我們! 🙂

Q4:我看到你們的遊戲 The Legend of Aurum Draconis 即將在這個月上線,請問如果我們想要玩這個遊戲,要準備什麼呢?

 I saw your game「The Legend of Aurum Draconis」coming this month. What should we prepare for playing the game?

Neothon:First, you would have to acquire a Hero NFT. These can be purchased during one of our minting events ( or on secondary NFT trading marketplaces 


You would then log into the game using the Web3 wallet that holds your Hero NFT (  

Neothon:我看到你們的遊戲 The Legend of Aurum Draconis 即將在這個月上線,請問如果我們想要玩這個遊戲,要準備什麼呢?

首先,你必須獲得一個 Hero NFT。 這些可以在我們的鑄造活動 ( 或二級 NFT 交易市場上購買

然後使用包含您的 Hero NFT 的 Web3 錢包登錄遊戲


What’s your next step after the game launch

Glen:Next on the roadmap for The Legend of Aurum Draconis is an improved character control system, graphical overhaul and our land ownership and management system. We will also be working on integrating Tiny Dragons with The Legend of Aurum Draconis. Our dev team releases exciting new updates and game patches every week so stay tuned! 

Glen:The Legend of Aurum Draconis 路線圖的下一步是改進角色控制系統、圖形修正以及土地所有權和管理系統。我們也將致力於 Tiny Dragons 與 The Legend of Aurum Draconis 的相結合。 我們的開發團隊每週都會發布更新消息和遊戲支援檔,敬請期待!


Q1:我想支持 Dragon Crypto Gaming 這個項目。是否可以請你們告訴我們更多關於大使計劃的細節,以及我們可以通過什麼方式參與?

I want to support the Dragon Crypto Gaming project. Please tell us more about the ambassador program and what ways we can participate?

This is such a good question! We are working on building a very diversified ambassador program for all DCG fans. This will provide a lot of benefits to loyal players and  organically spread the word about The Legend Of Aurum Draconis as well 🙂

Please subscribe to our social media for the detailed updates about our ambassador program very soon. 😊👍 

這是一個很好的問題!我們正在努力為所有 DCG 粉絲建立一個非常多樣化的大使計劃。這將為忠實的玩家提供很多好處,同時也可以口碑傳播《The Legend Of Aurum Draconis》的資訊 🙂。



How could this project build user confidence? after all, many big projects have failed (price down or no new user join), so think the gamefi atmosphere is a little lower now.So, could you share some elements of the project/game very distinguish or different than others?

Good question! Join our community and you will see that our team is very active with project updates and engaging with the community on a daily basis 😉 our devs release game patches every week with new game features! 

We are passionate about building a fun gaming experience on the blockchain. Many GameFi projects on the market now lack this core gameplay aspect. 

We also have the technical expertise and experience to build awesome games on the blockchain. Our dev team consists of 4 highly experienced developers, with decades of software development experience. 3 of them are also smart contract developers with extensive blockchain development experience

好問題! 加入我們的社群,你會看到我們的團隊非常積極地進行項目更新,並每天與社群互動😉我們的開發人員每週都會發布遊戲更新,提供新的遊戲功能 

我們對於在區塊鏈上,去建立一個有趣的遊戲體驗充滿著滿腔的熱情。現在市場上的許多 GameFi 項目都缺乏這種核心遊戲性。

我們還擁有在區塊鏈上建構頂級遊戲的技術專長和背景經驗。我們的開發團隊由 4 名經驗豐富的開發人員組成,擁有幾十年的軟體開發經驗。其中 3 人也是智能合約開發者,具有豐富的區塊鏈開發經驗


(1) Dragon Crypto Gaming 建構在哪一個區塊鏈網路上?
A. Solana;B. Ethereum;C. Avalanche;D.Optimism

(2) 這個月在 Dragon Crypto Gaming 平台即將上線的遊戲,是哪一款?

A. Crabada;B. DeFi Kingdoms;C. Heroes Chained;D.THE LEGEND OF AURUM DRACONIS

(3) Dragon Crypto Gaming 前陣子在哪一個平台完成 IDO 代幣發行?
A. Avalanche;B. Avalaunch;C. Impossible Finance ;D.Raydium

關於 Avalanche

Avalanche 雪崩協議是新一代的、革命性的共識協議;Avalanche 雪崩公鏈正是基於雪崩共識打造的、對開發者最為友好的、可定制化的、高速安全可靠的高性能公鏈。

Avalanche 鏈上交易完成速度飛快、擁有最多數量的驗證節點,同時糅合了 PoS 共識的優點,保證所有鏈上活動的安全性。雪崩協議具有極速、低費用和綠色環保的特點。支持智能合約的應用如果想超越對手,都可通過部署在雪崩協議上獲得卓越競爭力。不可置信?現在就試用一下雪崩協議上的應用吧。

延伸閱讀:【AVAX 幣】Avalanche 雪崩協議是什麼?AVAX 幣哪裡買?


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