【AMA 回顧】知名卡牌 IP 賦能 GameFi 應用平台 Kollect 讓你用 NFT 邊玩邊賺!

Kollect AMA

Kollect AMA 活動資訊 & 內容

  • 主題:知名卡牌 IP 賦能 GameFi 應用平台 Kollect 讓你用 NFT 邊玩邊賺!
  • 時間:2021/11/25 (四) 20:00-21:00 (UTC+8)
  • 地點:https://t.me/Blockchainintw
  • 嘉賓:Ethan Chae, CSO of Kollect
  • 主持:Penny

今天的活動將會分為 2 個階段

  1. 答疑:嘉賓回答預先蒐集好的題目
  2. 提問:由社群朋友自由提出疑問


主持人: The AMA begins now. Kollect is an innovative GameFi platform that aims to cooperate with lots of famous brands, helping them combine NFT of popular roles and “play to earn” functions for players.

AMA 活動開始,在開始之前如剛剛所述 Kollect 是一個目標協助不同影視品牌 IP 發行 NFT 卡牌,並結合 Play to earn 機制的創新GameFi平台。

主持人: We’re honored to have Ethan – CSO of Kollect with us today. First, could you briefly introduce Kollect and your team to us?

今天我們很榮幸邀請到 Kollect 的 CSO – Ethan 與我們一起參與這場活動。首先,想請 Ethan 簡單的介紹 Kollect 與幕後的團隊給大家認識。

來賓:Sure! Let me introduce our team first! Hello Everyone I am Ethan Chae, a U of Chicago Alumni, and the CSO at Kollect. I play a core role in Kollect’s overall strategy, branding, and business development.

I am a serial entrepreneur and strategy expert with experience across major industries. I founded several companies before and successfully exited, where my skill set for business development and business acumen have been invaluable.

好的,先讓我介紹一下我和我們團隊的成員。大家好 我叫 Ethan Chae,畢業於芝加哥布斯商學院,目前在 Kollect 擔任 CSO,主要負責領導有關整體戰略、品牌推廣以及業務開發的內容。

我曾是一名連續創業家,在加入 Kollect 之前,我扎實的累積了許多成功創業的經驗,過程中培養我對於商務開發的能力,以及增進我在判斷商機這方面的敏感度,以至於讓我在跨領域的整合上,有非常成功的經驗。

來賓:Vincenzo Lee is the CEO and mastermind behind Kollect. He has 20+ years of experience in the blockchain space, gaming industry, and IP industry. He has worked at the top gaming companies and led the teams. These experiences laid a solid foundation for Vincenzo and our team to build Kollect and provided us with the necessary resources and network to help make Kollect from a vision to reality.

Vincenzo Lee 目前在 Kollect 擔任執行長與主要決策者,他過去曾在知名遊戲公司領導相關部門,而在區塊鏈、遊戲產業與 IP 發行商,擁有超過 20 年的經驗。以上種種成績都為 Kollect 奠定了結實的基礎,讓我們在有任何資源及佈局需求時,有能力將想法落地實行。

來賓: Harry Lim is the CTO and product lead of Kollect, and he is a KAIST Alumni. He has over a decade of experience in the technology sector and played a leading role in many projects, such as Project Director at Innospark, Senior Project Manager at SmileGateRPG, Founder of Rock Ho, and developer of ToonixGalaxy in collaboration with Cartoon Network Asia. His background and technical prowess keep the team and community at ease regarding the platform’s development.

最後介紹我們的首席技術官 Harry Lim 他同時也是 Kollect 的產品負責人,他畢業於南韓科學技術大學,在科技相關領域有超過十年的經驗,並在眾多項目中掌握了多數的主導權,像是 Innospark 的項目總監、SmileGateRPG 經理、Rock Ho 創始人以及與 Cartoon Network Asia 共同合作的 ToonixGalaxy 開發商。也因為他的加入,讓更多人願意支持Kollect的未來發展。

來賓: Now let’s talk about our project, Kollect! 

Kollect is a gamified collection card platform for any branded IPs. Its Collection Book system Kollect.book has a unique built-in play-to-earn feature, allowing users to strategically stake their cards in different collection books to maximize their rewards. Kollect.book enables flexible gamification of collecting activities. The games published by Kollect through Kollect.game are where users can put their collected NFT cards into real actions. Each of the branded IPs can have their own games and in-game currency.

The first game in the Kollect ecosystem will be a play-to-earn battle card game with PvP and PvE combat modes. Kollect envisions to become the hub for NFT collectibles and play-to-earn games.

說回我們的項目— Kollect

Kollect 是一款多元的 GameFi 收藏平台,在平台上你可以存放任何你喜歡的品牌 IP,並透過 Kollect 獨有的收藏簿系統 Kollect.book,讓玩家用收藏在遊戲中賺取獎勵。玩家也可以用不同策略,將卡牌質押在不同類型的收藏簿中,來創造更多的利潤。也因為 Kollect.book 的靈活性,透過幫助不同品牌發行 IP 與建構屬於自己的遊戲生態,並擁有遊戲貨幣經濟,讓玩家可以真實的發揮 NFT 卡牌所帶來的獎勵。

特別是 Kollect 生態系統中的首款遊戲,即是將具備 PvP 和 PvE 戰鬥模式的 Play to earn 戰鬥卡牌遊戲。在未來規劃上,Kollect 期望成為區塊鏈產業中綜合 NFT 卡牌收集與 Play to earn 遊戲的行業標竿。

Q1. So far as we know, Kollect game is expected to launch in Q4 of 2021. Could you share with the newbies, where can they mint the cards, start the game and earn the rewards?

據我們所知 Kollect 預計今年 Q4 上線,能不能請您簡單向首次參與的玩家介紹,可以如何購買卡牌、參與遊戲並獲得獎勵呢?

Ethan :

Always grateful to help newbies! So Users were able to mint Kollect’s NFTs in an exchange platform by purchasing and opening a Blind box. However, as our platform launch is approaching, users will be able to mint their cards in the Kollect platform once it opens to the public.

Spoiler Alert, it will open pretty soon! On our platform, users will be able to earn rewards by staking Kollect’s NFTs into collection books. Also, Kollect team is aware that the community is waiting for the game launch. We will reveal the launch date through our social media handles. We can’t wait to share details of the game launch! Please stay connected with us through twitter and telegram to receive those announcements !

我們永遠樂意為新手提供協助!現階段玩家可以在交易平台上購買/開啟 Kollect 的 NFT 盲盒,當我們的平台正式上線後,玩家就可以直接在平台上鑄造自己想要的卡片。

除此之外,Kollect 官方也了解眾多玩家非常期待能盡快體驗到平台的各種功能,為了不讓大家錯過任何的相關資訊,強烈建議大家可以追蹤 Kollect 的推特及電報群,我們會在上面更新有關平台開放及遊戲參與方式等最新消息。

Kollect 中文電報群https://t.me/kollect_asia
Twitter : https://twitter.com/kollect_cards

Q2. Kollect.book is different from other card games. The collection method is divided into private and public collection functions. What kind of different experiences does this design want to bring to players?

Kollect.book 有別其他卡牌型遊戲,在收集方式區分為私人及公共收集冊的功能,此項設計是希望能帶給玩家何種不同的體驗?

Ethan :

Public Collection Books are like community missions and are competition-based. Kollectors have to compete with one another to claim the limited slots available in the Public Collection Book. These limited slots are mostly comprised of the rarer cards within the ecosystem and thus are significantly harder to claim than the slots in the Private Collection book. In addition, the first person who claims the spot that has never been staked before will be rewarded with a bonus. Once a user has the card necessary to claim a slot, they must then also stake a sum of $KOL. The user will be rewarded based on both the rarity of NFT and the amount of $KOL staked. If more $KOL is staked along with the NFT, the user will receive a higher percentage boost to their rewards. 

公共收集冊是建立在遊戲生態中的共同型任務,玩家必須透過相互競爭的方式,來取得公共收集冊中有限的收藏位置。也因為遊戲設定將生態系統中的稀有卡牌放置於插槽中,所以任務難度也比私人收藏冊的方式來的高。除此之外,遊戲將會提供每一個公共插槽的首位佔有者一筆獎金,而玩家必須在質押一定數量的 $KOL 後,才能將卡牌領出。
在這個模式中,玩家領到的獎勵將會隨著 NFT 的稀有度與質押 $KOL 的數量而提高,如果質押的 $KOL 越多將可以獲得更高的報酬率。

Ethan :

Private Collection books are like individual missions and they are completion-based. Unlike the Public Collection Books where Kollectors must compete with each other and gather the needed cards before the slots are all claimed, everyone can claim the slots if they have the needed card. Kollectors will be rewarded extra for the rate of completion. The more of each collection you successfully collect and stake, the greater your rewards. However, as there is a set amount and duration for the reward pool of each collection book, the first ones to complete the collection book will be able to receive higher reward. If your collecting process comes into play and you are able to successfully complete a whole collection, such as gathering all the female power ranger cards, you can stake the collection itself for bonus and hidden rewards.


(私人收藏冊) 玩家獲得的獎勵將依任務完成度而有所增加。當你擁有越多並質押更多的卡牌,就可以獲得更好的報酬。但根據每個任務設定的獎勵及時間限制有所不同,通常優先收藏完所有卡牌的玩家可以獲得更高的獎勵。你也可以在收集的過程中同時進行遊戲,如果在遊戲中完成任務(收集完所需卡牌),例如女金剛戰士的牌組,將能選擇把牌組進行質押來獲得獎金以及「隱藏版獎勵」。

Q3. We found that the token $KOL released by Kollect not only combines DAO functions but also creates a set of application places of its own.
As lots of players are curious, does Kollect have a preventive mechanism to avoid large price fluctuations from the earlier players?

我們發現 Kollect 發行的代幣 $KOL 除了結合 DAO 治理功能外,更打造了一套屬於自己的應用場景,想了解 Kollect 是否有在避免幣價大幅度波動上作出預防的機制?

Ethan :

Yes for sure! The benefit of holding $KOL actually helps prevent large price fluctuations from happening.

First, KOL is essential to actively participate within our ecosystem. 

$KOL will be used for:

1) Synthesis: Users can synthesize (and burn) the cards for higher rarity card or hidden cards

2) Enhancement: Users can enhance their cards (NFTs), like leveling up the card  and unlocking hidden recipes that only open under certain achievements.

3) Conversion: Users can convert NFT cards into items and characters in games connected to Kollect, and also out of games

4) Staking: Users can stake $KOL along with NFT for yields. And additional VIP perks. 

5) Purchases: Users can use $KOL to buy special collection books and other VIP items with special effects. Some of our exclusive edition NFTs will only be available in $KOL.  
with these use-case $KOL will keep circulating through our ecosystem and keep the market price more steady. 

當然!(我們提供給) $KOL 持有者的收益將有助於避免幣價大幅度的波動,關於這個機制,首先要了解$KOL在我們遊戲的生態系統中扮演非常重要的角色

$KOL 將用於:

1) 合成:玩家可以合成(燒毀)卡牌以獲得更高稀有度的卡牌

2)增強:玩家可以在完成特定任務後,透過 $KOL 升級、解鎖,來增強他們的卡牌(NFT)

3) 轉換:玩家可以將自身收藏的 NFT 卡牌轉換到 Kollect 平台的遊戲上,也可以把遊戲中的道具和角色轉換到遊戲外

4) 質押:玩家可以透過質押 $KOL 和 NFT 來獲得收益,或是創造出更多額外的 VIP 福利。

5) 購買:玩家可以使用 $KOL 購買特殊收藏冊,以及其他具有特別效果的VIP道具。除此之外,部分特殊的 NFT 僅能透過 $KOL 購買。

以這些應用方式,$KOL 將在我們的生態系統中持續循環,並讓市場價格更加穩定。

Q4. Recently, GameFi has returned to the focus of discussion because of Metaverse, but most projects still have lots of range for improvement in the gaming experience. In this way, how does Kollect’s goal stand out in most projects?

近期 GameFi 又因為元宇宙的緣故重回討論焦點,但多數鏈遊在遊玩體驗上仍有很大的進步空間,Kollect 目標如何在多數項目中脫穎而出呢?

Ethan :

Existing blockchain gaming projects lack details of high-quality games. Usually built as experimental projects by people with little experience in the gaming industry.


On the other hand, Kollect team has 20+ years of experience in the Gaming Industry. We observed that the NFT games have plenty of room to improve. Kollect brings decades of game development experience to the young market.

在這方面,Kollect 團隊與其他項目不同,團隊中擁有多位曾在知名遊戲產業打滾超過20年以上的同仁,也正因為我們觀察到 NFT 遊戲仍有很大的發展空間,所以想要把這方面的經驗帶進來 GameFi 這個新興市場。

Q5. Currently, Kollect has cooperated with “Power Rangers” and the well-known Japanese film company “Toei” to launch their IP. Is it possible to let us know the types of NFT themes or any features that we have the chance to expand in the future?

Kollect 目前已與《金剛戰士(Power Rangers)》、日本知名電影公司《東映》合作推出IP,方便與我們透漏接下來有機會拓展的卡牌主題類型嗎?

Ethan :

Kollect team has established a major partnership with world-recognized IP holders and distributors, Toei and Daewon Media. 

Daewon has distributed brands and IPs in Korea such as Power Rangers, Vectorman, Fullmetal Alchemist, Doraemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kamen Rider, Digimon, One Piece, Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail, Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragonball GT and much much more!

TOEI is a world-renowned Japanese motion picture, video production, and distribution company that hosts some of the most popular animations, brands, and content globally such as Super Sentai Series (AKA Power Rangers), Kamen Rider Series, Kombattler V, Voltes V, and more!
Through our partnership Kollect will secure IPs that will integrated into our ecosystem. Stay tuned for official announcements! 

Kollect 團隊目前已經與韓國知名娛樂公司—Daewon Media,及日本知名電影大廠—東映,建立了正式的合作夥伴關係。

Daewon Media 旗下發行的品牌 IP 包含:Power Rangers、Vectorman、鋼之煉金術師、哆啦A夢、遊戲王、假面騎士、數碼寶貝、海賊王、美少女戰士、妖精的尾巴、灌籃高手、七龍珠 Z Kai、七龍珠 GT。

而東映旗下的代表作,如 Power Rangers、假面騎士、Kombattler V、Voltes V 等;未來我們將在雙方一步步合作下,玩家將有機會在我們的平台中獲得這些內容,若不想錯過任何最新資訊,務必要鎖定官方社群接下來的公告。


Q1. IPs Kollect has been integrated to me are amazing, have Kollect planned to be across on other chain, e.g. Solana? I think Ethereum transaction fee is just too expensive.

提問:Kollect 集成的 IP 對我來說太棒了,Kollect 是否計劃跨越其他鏈,例如 Solana?我認為以太坊交易費太貴了。

Ans: Hello Edward! Thank you for a great question. The majority of projects built on Ethereum Network have the same concerns regarding transaction fees and speed. We deployed Kollect on the Ethereum network first to ensure Kollect’s first step goes smoothly since we believe the ETH network is the most compatible and secure network in terms of DeFi/ NFT. We will then transition to be multi-chained. We have already started development and will let you know of the expected release as soon as possible.

回覆:你好 Edward! 謝謝你的好問題。 大多數建立在以太坊網路上的項目都對交易費用和速度有同樣的擔憂。 我們首先在以太坊網路上部署了 Kollect,以確保 Kollect 的第一步順利進行,因為我們認為 ETH 網路是 DeFi/NFT 方面最兼容和最安全的網路。 然後我們將過渡到其他鏈。 我們已經開始開發,並會盡快讓您知道未來的動態更新

Q2. What would the missions like? Could you give us some examples?


Ans: Hi C! It’s nice to meet you! The missions on the collection book can change through time. However mostly for private collection book the mission will be based on the completion rate of the selected collection book. For example the missions can be like: 30% completion rate = 3% Bonus Reward, 50% Completion rate = 5% Bonus reward. Obviously those numbers are just mock-up numbers but the missions will look similar with how I just described. As I said earlier the missions can change through time so please stay tuned!

回覆:嗨C!很高興認識你!收藏冊上的任務會隨著時間而改變。然而,大多數情況下,私人收藏冊的任務將根據所選收藏書籍的完成率。例如,任務可以是這樣的:30% 完成率 = 3% 獎勵,50% 完成率 = 5% 獎勵。雖然這些數字只是模擬數字,但任務看起來會跟我剛才描述的相似。正如我之前所說,任務會隨著時間而改變,所以請持續關注我們!

Q3. What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about the project easily?


Ans: We plan on raising awareness about our community and educating them through our global partners and through translated content that we will publish.

Below are our current community groups with more to come in the coming days!

Homepage: https://kollect.cards/
Medium: https://medium.com/@Kollect
Telegram Global: https://t.me/Kollect_Official_Community
Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/Kollect_Cards
Telegram Thai: https://t.me/Kollect_Official_Th
Telegram Japan: https://t.me/kollect_japan
Telegram Indonesia: https://t.me/KollectIndo
Telegram Vietnam: https://t.me/kollectvn
Telegram Turkey: https://t.me/kollectcardsTR
Telegram Korea: https://t.me/Kollect_Official_kr
Telegram Spain: https://t.me/KollectSpanish
Telegram Germany: https://t.me/Kollect_German
Telegram Russia: https://t.me/KollectRussian
Telegram Portuguese : https://t.me/KollectPortuguese




Q4. Is there any chance to be that NFT card combined with sound effect or video effects?


Ans: Hi Albert! Great to meet you! There will be many effects on our platform throughout the collecting experience. There will be opening a pack effect and sound, Synthesizing multiple cards effect and sound, and more! There will be so many fun things you can discover while you collect NFT cards and stake it in the collection book! Stay tuned!

回覆:嗨 Albert!很高興認識你!在整個遊戲過程中,我們的平台將會帶給玩家非常多元的感官體驗。會有開啟盲盒的效果和音效,合成多張卡牌的效果和音效等等!在收集 NFT 卡並將其存入收藏簿時,您會發現很多有趣的事情!敬請期待!

Q5. Can you list some killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

提問:您能否列出Kollect 領先於其他競爭對手的一些殺手級功能? 您對您的項目最有信心的競爭優勢是什麼?

Ans: Hello Xin Qui Lao! Pleasure to meet you. Kollect offers:
1.vCollectibles built upon signature IPs: We have partnered with major IP holders and create digital collectibles cards with IPs like Power Rangers. We already have many more amazing IPs in our pipeline.
2. Staking Yield & Play-to-Earn Game: Our NFT cards are not just appealing pieces of collectibles, users can use those NFTs for both passive and active income. They can use the collection book system to stake the NFTs and earn yields. Or they can play the game to actively engage with the NFTs to win reward tokens. During the conversion process, the rarity level or classes of the NFT cards will decide the stats of the characters and items in the NFT games in Kollect.

In the first beta version of Kollect, we will have primary and secondary markets, collection books, game launcher and in-platform game, which will launch one by one starting this October. Users should choose Kollect because it addresses all the issues found in the current NFT space. We address the lack of extraction value of owned NFTs, the lack of fun, and have huge growth potential onboarding already established fandoms from a variety of globally recognized IPs.

回答:Xin Qui Lao! 您好! 很高興認識你。 Kollect 提供了:

1. 基於 IP 系列的收藏品:我們與主要的 IP 持有者合作,並使用 Power Rangers 等 IP 創建數位收藏卡。 我們的平台上已經有更多令人驚嘆的 IP。
2. Staking Yield & Play-to-Earn 遊戲:我們的 NFT 卡不僅僅是吸引人的收藏品,用戶可以使用這些 NFT 獲得被動和主動收入。 他們可以使用收藏簿系統來質押 NFT 並賺取收益。 或者他們可以玩遊戲積極用 NFT 贏得獎勵代幣。 在轉換過程中,NFT 卡的稀有度或等級將決定 Kollect 的 NFT 遊戲中角色和物品的統計數據。

在Kollect的第一個測試版中,我們將有一級和二級市場、收藏簿、遊戲發佈平台和平台內游戲,將於今年10月開始一一上線。 用戶應該選擇 Kollect,因為它解決了當前 NFT 領域中發現的所有問題。 我們解決了自有 NFT 缺乏額外價值、缺乏樂趣的問題,並具有巨大的增長潛力,可以從各種全球公認的 IP 中引入已經建立的粉絲群。


再次感謝我們今天的嘉賓,想進一步了解 Kollect 最新進展或動態的社群朋友們,可以通過以下方式關注他們的最新進展:

Kollect 中文電報群https://t.me/kollect_asia
Twitter : https://twitter.com/kollect_cards


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