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AMA 回顧|Metain 結合 NFT 與跨境房地產投資,帶來穩定高收益


Avalanche AMA 活動資訊 & 內容

Host:我們的 AMA 正式開始!今天我們很榮幸邀請到 Metain 的 Denise,請先幫我們社群用戶做個簡單的自我介紹吧!

The AMA begins now. We are honored to have Denise with us. Would you please make a brief introduction of yourself?

Hello everyone, I’m Denise – Co-Founder of METAIN.io. I have +15 years experience in the marketing field as a marketer and an agency co-founder, has been recognized with many business achievements. 

I’m the first Vietnamese woman to be awarded by CampaignAsia in the list of 40 Women to Watch in APAC as women who are making changes in Advertising industry, and was also among the first 30 young talents in Vietnam named by Forbes Vietnam 30Under30 in 2017 in Marketing & Start-up. 

METAIN.io is my newly co-founded business. METAIN makes high-return cross-border real estate investment no more exclusively for rich clubs, but affordable, transparent, and safe for low to middle income people thru the blend of REIT regulations and blockchain technologies.

大家好,我是 METAIN.io 的聯合創始人 Denise。作為營銷人員和代理聯合創始人,我在營銷領域擁有超過 15 年的經驗,並獲得了許多商業成就的認可。

我是第一個被 CampaignAsia 評為亞太地區值得關注的 40 位女性,因為她們正在改變廣告行業,同時也是 2017 年福布斯越南 Under30 評選的越南前 30 位青年人才之一在營銷和創業。

METAIN.io 是新成立的公司。METAIN 通過將 REIT 法規和區塊鏈技術相結合,讓高回報的跨境房地產投資不再只針對富有的俱樂部,而是為中低收入人群提供負擔得起、透明和安全的投資。


Q1:您如何跟現場的大家介紹 Metain?它的願景是什麼,解決了問題與挑戰?

How would you best describe Metain ?What’s its vision and which challenges does it address?

METAIN is a co-investment platform. Make real estate investments become cross-border, which is affordable, transparent & secure by utilizing blockchain technology (DeFi, NFT, Smart Contract). METAIN REIT NFT is among the first kinds of Asset-backed NFTs.

METAIN provides the first asset-backed NFTs pegging to real-world real estate, in which:

 ⁃ METAIN follows REITs regulations, thus ensures investors always can get their money back even in the worst circumstance, with the market price capital gain. —> We are providing Low to No risk model

– Fully regulated and using third party to protect investor interest:

  1. NFT license agreement provided by SEC authorized legal firms 
  2. Big4 firms to audit financial statements and giving tax opinions
  3. Real estate valuation firm provide fair market valuation

 ⁃ The REIT NFT represents fund certificate. Follow REIT regulations, NFT is SECURITY TOKEN. DAO vote for property screening delegation before buy/sell, for rent or listing. And the REIT NFT only start from 10$, suitable for all budget, everyone can invest into real estate only from 10$.

 ⁃ METAIN has asset management operations led by experienced expert, to secure the quality of assets pipeline as a back for NFT, also to increase value for investment portfolio with commercial and residential real estates as income producing assets in the central business district of big – crowed cities —> Clear business strategy to achieve profit for the company & investors

METAIN 是一個跟投平台。利用區塊鏈技術(DeFi、NFT、智能合約),使房地產投資成為跨境、可負擔、透明和安全的。 METAIN REIT NFT 是首批資產支持的 NFT 之一。

METAIN 提供了第一個與現實世界房地產掛鉤的資產支持 NFT,其中:

 ⁃ METAIN 遵循 REITs 的規定,從而確保投資者即使在最壞的情況下也能以市場價格獲得資本收益。 —> 我們提供低至無風險模型


  1. SEC 授權律師事務所提供的 NFT 許可協議
  2. Big4 公司審計財務報表和提供稅務建議
  3. 房地產估價公司提供公平的市場估價

 ⁃ REIT NFT代表基金憑證。遵守 REIT 規定,NFT 是 SECURITY TOKEN。 DAO 在購買/出售、出租或掛牌之前投票支持房產篩選代表團。而 REIT NFT 僅從 10 美元開始,適合所有預算,每個人都可以從 10 美元開始投資房地產。

 ⁃ METAIN 由擁有經驗豐富的專家領導的資產管理業務,確保資產管道的質量以作為 NFT 的後盾,同時以商業和住宅房地產作為資產的投資組合,並在人滿為患的中央商務區增加城市的價值 —> 明確的商業戰略,為公司和投資者實現利潤。

Q2:可以請你們分享一下 Metain 如何跟現實中的房地產做結合嗎?

Could you share how metain.io works in Real Estate Investment?

We ultilize the blockchain technology to makes real estate investment become:

  • Cross-border investment: Investors from all over the world can have the opportunity to invest into South East Asia real estate market
  • Affordable: REIT NFT only 10$, suitable for all budget, making real estate investment become more accessible
  • Transparent: Applying blockchain technology to makes real estate investment become transparent 

METAIN follow the REIT regulation to protect the investor money when invest into real estate, so we can guarantee for investors “money back even in the worst circumstances”:

– METAIN Asset management owns the asset upon the authorization of investors

– Bank to hold land certificates on behalf of METAIN & retail investors, we have a partner is Quid Global Bank to play a role as custodian, they will make sure that METAIN cannot mortgage or sell the asset without the permission of NFT Holders

– METAIN also has a partner is Morgan Lewis (Top 2 global law firm 2021), to be authorized to take action of liquidation in case METAIN cannot be responsible to its investors 

– The asset evaluation is done by 3rd real estate professional services to make sure that the value of REIT NFT always pegs with the value of the real estate properties


  • 跨境投資:來自世界各地的投資者都有機會投資東南亞房地產市場
  • 實惠:REIT NFT 僅需 10 美元,適合所有預算,讓房地產投資變得更容易獲得
  • 透明:應用區塊鏈技術讓房地產投資變得透明

METAIN 在投資房地產時遵循 REIT 法規保護投資者資金,因此我們可以為投資者保證“即使在最壞的情況下也能收回資金”:

– METAIN 資管經投資者授權擁有資產

– 銀行代表 METAIN 和散戶持有土地證書,我們有一個合作夥伴是 Quid Global Bank 擔任託管人,他們將確保 METAIN 在未經 NFT 持有人許可的情況下,不能抵押或出售資產

– METAIN 還有一個合作夥伴是 Morgan Lewis(2021 年全球第二大律師事務所),當METAIN 無法對投資人負責時,Morgan Lewis 將有權利採取清算行動

– 資產評估由 3rd 房地產專業服務機構完成,確保 REIT NFT 的價值始終與房地產價值掛鉤

Q3:什麼是資產擔保背書的 NFT?為什麼 Metain 可以在現實世界中維持它的價值?

What is asset backed-NFT. Why can METAIN keep its value in the real world?

NFTs in the case of METAIN, a.k.a. REIT NFT,  “Asset Backed NFT” is acting as a fund certificate that represents the equivalent fractional ownership from total investment fund into the income producing real-world asset in the central business district of big, crowd cities, brings stable APY 15-25%.

REIT NFT holders are lawful co-owners of Real Estate properties by an agreement signed at the time of NFT purchase. Because METAIN is established in Canada, the agreement is protected by North American law (the US SEC). Moreover, to make sure it is comprehensive and rigid, we have Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP to create the agreement.

REIT NFT got highly appreciated by experts & chain because:

– Backed by existence real estate which are income-producing assets in the Central Business District, thus having real value in the current economy

– REIT NFT Value is determined by the real estate evaluation (done by independent real estate professionals) – cannot be (pumped & dumped) – CBRE

– Follow the REIT regulation to provide guarantee of “always able to get your money bạck” for REIT NFT investors

– Bringg real value & protection to the blockchain world

– Smart & strong expertise in real estate investment of METAIN team increase the ability to achieve high yield interest (Est 15-25% APY)

Last but not least, with REITs, we have minimum size for investment is 10$ (01 REIT NFT is 10$) – and also maximum cap for 1 holder is 300,000$ –>to avoid whales manipulating thru DAO voting and veto towards the buying/selling/listing assets

NFT 在 METAIN(又名 REIT NFT)的情況下,“資產支持 NFT” 作為代表等效部分所有權的基金證書,從總投資基金到大城市中央商務區的創收現實資產,能帶來穩定的APY 15-25%。

根據購買 NFT 時簽署的協議,REIT NFT 持有人是房地產的合法共有人。由於 METAIN 在加拿大成立,因此該協議受北美法律(美國證券交易委員會)保護。此外,為了確保協議全面而嚴格,我們請 Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP 來製定協議。

REIT NFT 得到了專家和連鎖店的高度評價,因為:

– 以現有房地產為後盾,是中央商務區的創收資產,因此在當前經濟中具有實際價值

– REIT NFT 價值由房地產評估決定(由獨立的房地產專業人士完成) – 不能(炒高拋售)- CBRE

– 遵守 REIT 監管規定,為 REIT NFT 投資者提供“100% 取回資金”的保證

– 為區塊鏈世界帶來真正的價值和保護

– METAIN 團隊在房地產投資方面的聰慧和強大的專業知識,增加了實現高收益利息的能力(預計15-25% APY)

最後,但並非最不重要的一點是,對於 REIT,我們的最小投資規模為 10 美元(01 REIT NFT 為 10 美元) – 並且 1 個持有人的最大上限為 300,000 美元 ——> 以避免巨鯨通過 DAO 的投票和否決權來操縱購買 / 出售 / 上市資產。

Q4:假如現實經濟環境不穩定,Metain 是否仍能維持其資產的價值?你們如何保證年化率不會低於 15%?

 If the economic condition is unstable, can METAIN maintain asset’s price?and What is the assurance that the APY will not go down to less than 15%?

METAIN investment theory is only focus on income-producing asset in the urban areas with the highest yield and most interesting perspectives for the future. Over the last 20 years, the average increase rate of properties in the central business district never decrease in price, even during the economic crisis of 2008. That’s why METAIN can be confidence to maintain the asset’s price

The APY that METAIN provides is an estimated APY based on the historical data of annual real estate price growth rate, not a guaranteed APY. Because METAIN is a co-investment platform, we don’t guarantee APY to investors. METAIN has a smart investment strategy, sounding business plan & expertise resources to deliver the capital gain of our investment into CBD income-producing assets. Still, we choose to say, we estimate the APY 15-25% based on 20 years of the historical value of the asset and we use stablecoin to pay dividends.  

METAIN 投資理論只關注城市地區收益最高、未來最有趣的創收資產。 在過去的 20 年裡,即使在 2008 年的經濟危機期間,中央商務區的房產平均漲幅也從未下降。這就是為什麼 METAIN 可以有信心維持資產價格。

METAIN 提供的 APY 是根據每年房地產價格增長率的歷史數據估算的 APY,並非保證 APY。 因為 METAIN 是一個跟投平台,我們不保證給投資者 APY。 METAIN 擁有明智的投資策略、完善的商業計劃和專業知識資源,以提供我們對 CBD 創收資產投資的資本收益。 儘管如此,我們還是選擇說,我們根據資產 20 年的歷史價值估計 APY 15-25%,並使用穩定幣支付股息。


When can we start to invest and what’s your next step

We just close the Private offering for VIP Investors, and reach ~350,000$ REIT NFT sales within 10 days. The INO will start in 30/10, but we are having the Pre-order rightnow to bring previlege to those early-investors on: app.metain.app

For the REIT NFT Pre-Order , METAIN will launch a game called Wheel of Fortune from 26th September. It is a lucky spinning wheel with many exclusive rewards, and a new iPhone 14 Promax for Weekly Grand prize raffled every week. There are easy ways to join the Wheel of Fortune & get rewards. There will be Instant prize & Weekly grand prize:

1. Instant prize: 

– Allocated evenly within 24 days, 24 hours per day

. There will be 10 slots with many exclusive reward such as: REIT NFT, MEI Token, USDT, Cashback,… with total prize pool 29,000$

2. Grand prize: Apply only for REIT NFT Holder, refresh weekly

– Raffle a grand prize every week with a reward Iphone 14 Promax 128GB or 1,500$ USDT. METAIN will host a livestream to raffle weekly grand prize

How to get spins?

– Daily log in & share the event link to get 1 more spin (Max 01 a day)

– Purchase REIT NFTs to get spins. 01 REIT NFT equal to 01 spin. 

– Successfully invite new member to create account & sucessfully deposit their pre-order of REIT NFT, using ref link

– Join METAIN community’s activities on Facebook, Discord, Telegram, Twitter to get more spin, follow our news to catch them. 

Just with 1 REIT NFT purchase, you can get a chance to win a Iphone 14 Promax 128GB with our weekly Raffles for grand prize. For the Instant win, a total prize pool 29,000$ is waiting for you, lots of chances to get free spinning. All information is on app.metain.app

我們剛剛結束 VIP 投資者的私募發行,並在 10 天內達到約 350,000 美元的 REIT NFT 銷售額。 INO 將於 10 月 30 日開始,但我們現在正在進行預購,以便為這些早期投資者帶來特權:app.metain.app

對於 REIT NFT 預購,METAIN 將從 9 月 26 日開始推出一款名為 Wheel of Fortune 的遊戲。這是一個幸運的轉輪,有許多獨家獎勵,每週都有新的 iPhone 14 Promax for Weekly Grand 大獎抽獎。加入命運之輪並獲得獎勵的簡單方法。將有即時獎和每周大獎:

1. 即時獎品:

– 24 天,每天24小時內平均分配

– 將有 10 個插槽,提供許多獨家獎勵,例如:REIT NFT、MEI Token、USDT、Cashback ……總獎池 $29,000

2. 大獎:僅限 REIT NFT Holder 申請,每週刷新

– 每週抽出大獎,獎勵 Iphone 14 Promax 128GB 或 1,500 美元 USDT,METAIN 將舉辦直播抽獎每周大獎


– 每日登錄並分享活動連結以獲得 1 次旋轉(每天最多 1 次)

– 購買 REIT NFT 以獲得旋轉。 1 REIT NFT 等於 1 次旋轉。

– 使用參考連結成功邀請新成員創建帳戶並成功存入他們的 REIT NFT 預訂單

– 加入 METAIN 社區在 Facebook、Discord、Telegram、Twitter 上的活動以獲得更多旋轉次數,關注我們的新聞以捕捉它們。

只需購買 1 個 REIT NFT,您就有機會通過我們的轉輪贏取大獎 Iphone 14 Promax 128GB。總獎金池 29,000 美元等著您!關注我們就有很多機會獲得免費旋轉次數。

所有資訊都在 app.metain.app 上



What would make you different from other tokenized real estate projects?

METAIN is different from other real estate tokenized projects:

1. Focus on income producing asset at central business district in BIG CITY. 

2.Safety Rights: WITHOUT LEVERAGE. We comply with the law by structuring assets owned under separate SPVs. Our banks and lawyer partners hold red books (land certificates). In the worst case, those third parties will conduct asset sales at the market price and return the money to the investors.

3. Interests Safe: Metain follows REIT regulations to protect investors’ interests in the same way traditional investment in REITs does

4. Safe Legal corridor: Metain has been filing for SEC approval in the US. A transparent and legal corridor protects investors.


  1. 專注於大都市中心商業區的資產。
  2. 安全。沒有杠桿作用。我們遵守法律規定,將擁有的資產構建在獨立的SPV之下。我們的銀行和律師夥伴持有紅本(土地證)。在最壞的情況下,這些第三方將以市場價格進行資產銷售,並將資金返還給投資者。
  3. 利益安全。Metain 遵循房地產投資信托基金的規定,以保護投資者的利益,就像傳統的房地產投資信托基金的投資方式一樣
  4. 安全的法律通道。Metain 在美國一直在申請SEC的批準。一個透明和合法的管道可以保護投資者。

Q2:如果我投資了這個海外房地產證券化 NFT,而該公司沒有履行其利益分配的承諾,我如何保護我的權利?不管是購買標的物還是購買租金收益等,我怎麽能確定你所說的投資是真的還是假的?在一個海外公司有這麽多投資者的情況下,我想幾乎不可能要求賠償。有沒有一種機制,即使沒有信托也能保證投資者的權益?如果由於征用、自然災害、不可抗力、政府因素等原因,房地產必須出售或損壞,該如何處理?

If I invest in this overseas real estate securitization NFT and the company does not fulfill its promise to distribute benefits, how can I protect my rights?

How can I make sure that the investment you are talking about is true or false, whether it is the purchase of the subject matter or the purchase of rental income, etc.?

In a situation where there are so many investors in an overseas company, I think it is almost impossible to claim compensation. Is there a mechanism that can ensure the rights and interests of investors even without trust?

What should I do if the real estate must be sold or damaged due to expropriation, natural disasters, force majeure, or government

METAIN already filling for the approval & follow many important financial regulators (SEC-US, CSE – Canada, SIX-SWISS, MAS – Singapore) to protect for the investors’s right. Moreover, when we follow the REIT regulation, we must have the 3rd party is the bank to keep all the land certificates, make sure that we cannot mortgage or sell the assets without permission of NFT holders, and also the bank will play a role as custody to ensure investors can get their money back under any circumstances.

Every information such as performance report, financial report, asset valuation,… must be audited by Deloitte & public on our website

All of the license, certificate, report,… are public on app.metain.app

METAIN 已經獲得批準,並遵循許多重要的金融監管機構(美國SEC、加拿大CSE、瑞士SIX、新加坡MAS),以保護投資者的權利。此外,當我們遵循房地產投資信托基金的規定時,我們必須有第三方即銀行來保管所有的土地證書,確保我們不能在未經NFT持有人許可的情況下抵押或出售資產,同時銀行也將發揮保管作用,確保投資者在任何情況下都能拿回他們的錢。

所有的訊息,如業績報告、財務報告、資產評估……必須由 Deloitte 審計,並在我們的網站上公開。

Q3:當投資者購買 METAIN NFT REIT 時,如果該投資者出售,METAIN 如何證明他們對 NFT 的所有權?

When an investor purchases a METAIN NFT REIT, how does METAIN prove their ownership of the NFT in case that investor sells?

When an investor purchase REIT NFTs, he/she will have to KYC & sign the NFT license agreement that we filled for approval from the US SEC. This can prove the ownership of the NFT holder to the assets in the fund.

When that investor want to sell, he/she will go to METAIN P2P marketplace, METAIN will transfer the ownership of this investor to new buyers.

All the NFTs that got hacked will be “red flag” by METAIN & cannot be sell

當投資者購買房地產投資信托基金的 NFT 時,他/她將不得不了解並簽署我們填寫的 NFT 許可協議,以獲得美國證券交易委員會的批準。這可以證明 NFT 持有人對基金資產的所有權。

當該投資者想要出售時,他/她將去 METAIN P2P 市場,METAIN 將把該投資者的所有權轉讓給新的買家。所有被駭客攻擊的 NFT 將被 METAIN 列為 “紅旗”,不能出售。

Q4:任何項目都會提到安全問題,那麽 Metain 將如何防範資金損失或訊息泄露的風險??

Security is mentioned in any project, so how will Metain guard against the risk of loss of funds or information leakage?

As our CEO & Founder’s base is Cyber Security, METAIN focus a lot on security of the system

We are audited by CertiK and Verichain. Also we use KYC from Blockpass.

As a part of the REIT regulations, all transactions need to be KYCed and we only accept the KYCed ownership. Only the KYCed owner can claim the benefits and having the rights as NFT holder. Thus, even if your REIT NFT got stolen, we would not pay any benefit to the stealer since they are not KYCed on our platform. and you also can go and report your case for support.


我們接受了CertiK和Verichain的審計。此外,我們還使用Blockpass的 KYC。


Q5:到目前為止,Metain項目有哪些巨大的成就? 在項目實施過程中,你們遇到了哪些困難和風險,哪些因素促使你們克服了這些困難?

What are the great achievements of the Metain project so far?  What difficulties and risks did you encounter during the project implementation, and what factors prompted you to overcome the difficulties?

For our milestones, we proudly to share that over the last 2 months:

– Filling for the approval with the US SEC

– Funding from the Canada Government for StartUp. METAIN is one of the first blockchain startups that got funded by the Government 

– Got invested by IDG Capital Vietnam with 12m$ valuation. IDG Capital is well-known in China, and METAIN is the first and only blockchain business got invested by IDG Capital in Vietnam

– Top 20 finalist of Vietnam startup award

– Top 150 Startup of X-Pitch 2022 award (among 4,000 startup all over the world)

– Also that we have successfully launch event with +150 global guests & +50 partners

– 34,971 REIT NFT was sold in the Private offering, in 10 days, during this bearish

– +40 AMAs globally last month

– Convert +38,000 members, successfully built aommunities in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines & Brazil

– Dedicated review from +20 Global KOLs

– 310+ Private investors & 50 VIP Investors, generate to ~350,000$ REIT NFT sales for the Private offering within 10 days

– Last but not least is received the LOI from Avalabs and become the 1st Vietnamese project that got invested & backed by Avalanche

One of the biggest challenge that we encounter is the condition of the market. However, METAIN can be the ‘safety shelter’ for investors in the bearish because our REIT NFTs is not effected by the volatility of the crypto market, and brings the APY 15-25% (higher than other investment option such as staking, bank saving,…)


– 向美國證券交易委員會申請批準

– 從加拿大政府獲得創業資金。METAIN是首批獲得政府資助的區塊鏈新創企業之一。

– 得到了IDG資本越南分公司的投資,估值1200萬美元。IDG資本在中國非常有名,而METAIN是IDG資本在越南投資的第一家也是唯一一家區塊鏈企業。

– 入圍越南創業公司獎前20名

– 2022年X-Pitch獎的前150名創業公司(在全球4000家創業公司中)。

– 此外,我們還成功舉辦了有150多位全球嘉賓和50多位合作夥伴參加的活動。

– 在這個熊市中,10天內有34,971個REIT NFT在非公開發行中售出。

– 上個月,全球有40個AMAs

– 轉換38,000名會員,在越南、泰國、菲律賓和巴西成功建立社區

– 來自+20個全球KOL的專門審查

– 310多個私人投資者和50個VIP投資者,在10天內為私人發行的房地產投資信托基金創造了約35萬美元的NFT銷售。

– 最後但並非最不重要的是,我們收到了Avalabs的LOI,成為第一個獲得Avalanche投資和支持的越南項目。

我們遇到的最大挑戰之一是市場的狀況。然而,METAIN可以成為投資者在熊市中的 “安全庇護所”,因為我們的REIT NFTs不受加密貨幣市場波動的影響,並帶來15-25%的APY(高於其他投資選項,如賭注、銀行儲蓄等)。

再次感謝我們今天的嘉賓 Ms.Denise Thi,想進一步了解 Metain 最新進展或動態的社群朋友們,可以通過以下方式關注他們的最新進展:

關於 Avalanche

Avalanche 雪崩協議是新一代的、革命性的共識協議;Avalanche 雪崩公鏈正是基於雪崩共識打造的、對開發者最為友好的、可定制化的、高速安全可靠的高性能公鏈。

Avalanche 鏈上交易完成速度飛快、擁有最多數量的驗證節點,同時糅合了 PoS 共識的優點,保證所有鏈上活動的安全性。雪崩協議具有極速、低費用和綠色環保的特點。支持智能合約的應用如果想超越對手,都可通過部署在雪崩協議上獲得卓越競爭力。不可置信?現在就試用一下雪崩協議上的應用吧。

延伸閱讀:【AVAX 幣】Avalanche 雪崩協議是什麼?AVAX 幣哪裡買?


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